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Wichita State “officially” conducting an internal review, no NCAA violations

Reports: Wichita State is now officially conducting an internal review of the women's basketball program. Just last week, Shockers President John Bardo decided to "look into" the program.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The past two weeks for Wichita State's Jody Adams has been a roller coaster of sorts. First, she was the finalist for the Kansas job, but the Jayhawks decided to give ex-Stephen F. Austin head coach Brandon Schneider.

Soon after not getting the Kansas position, reports started to surface that players were looking to leave the program. Then, players started to allege that their displeasure with Wichita State had nothing to do with Wichita State, it was more so about Adams -- and the "atmosphere of anger" that she seemingly cultivated.

After this tumult gained momentum, Shockers President John Bardo decided it was apropos to "look into" said allegations. And yesterday, Wichita State announced that they are conducting an "official" internal review. Here is part of the report from KSN News in Wichita:

"When four players announced that they wanted to leave the team, and two of them were starters, it raised questions that appeared to be worthy of review," says Lou Heldman, VP of Strategic Communications at Wichita State University.

Four players, Michaela Dapprich, sister Moriah Dapprich, Alie Decker and Kayla White have announced they will transfer out of the program.

KSN asked if the NCAA has been contacted about the allegations of mental and verbal abuse by some former players.

"No one has discussed any potential NCAA matters," says Heldman. "This is strictly an internal review."

Heldman, who met with University President Dr. John Bardo Monday morning, says the President of the University has appointed someone to officially look into the allegations swirling around the WSU women's basketball program."

In other reports that surfaced yesterday, some players had accused Adams of going over the NCAA mandated hours regarding practice. But a report by KWCH 12 states that the Wichita State head coach did not violate NCAA compliance rules, here is some of the account:

"Monday evening, we learned Adams did not violate any NCAA compliance rules, including going over the allotted practice hours for the team."

The internal review should be completed in the coming days.