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Video: Ex-Wichita State player speaks out against Jody Adams

In light of the recent allegations made by players at Wichita State, ex-player Molly O'Brien, spoke about her time with the Shockers.

Over the past few days, the Wichita State program is dealing with a morass, as allegations of mental abuse, mistreatment and an "atmosphere of anger," are being alleged against Shockers head coach Jody Adams.

It's gotten to the point, where University President John Bardo, has appointed faculty athletic representative Dr. Julie Scherz to "look into" the matter.

One of the former players that played under Adams, Molly O' Brien, is speaking out about her arduous time and experience with the Shockers. O'Brien was interviewed by KSN Sports Director Emily Gagnon.

* In view of full disclosure, O'Brien was suspended from the team in 2012 for violation of team rules.