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Wichita State players describe "an atmosphere of anger"

As we mentioned yesterday, Wichita State President John Bardo is "looking into" why players are leaving the program. More details have emerged about why the players are looking to leave the Shockers.

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Six days ago, it looked like the reason that four players were looking to leave Wichita State, was because their head coach was a finalist for the Kansas position. But as days have accumulated, their motive for departure belies that notion -- and had nothing to do with Jody Adams potential leaving.

As a matter of fact, it looks like the maelstrom within the women's basketball program has to do with Adams, specifically, and her being the head coach of the Shockers. According to Paul Suellentrop of The Wichita Eagle, the players love the university, but are fed up with their coach. Here is part of the article:

The four players who quit the Wichita State women’s basketball team after the season have met with a university official who reports to president John Bardo to discuss their issues with coach Jody Adams.

Faculty athletic representative Julie Scherz is leading the inquiry and is charged to talk to current and past players, coaches and administrators, said Lou Heldman, WSU vice president of strategic communications. Michaela Dapprich, Moriah Dapprich, Alie Decker and Kayla White met with Scherz recently after leaving the team.

"Dr. Bardo took this seriously from the first report of it," Heldman said. "He is very conscious of the standards of what universities owe to student-athletes, and really, to all students. He asked Dr. Scherz to look into this."

Scherz and Bardo have had at least one conversation and plan another soon, Heldman said. Assistant athletic director for media relations Larry Rankin directed media inquiries to Heldman.

The players, according to a source with knowledge of the conversations and communications with Scherz and athletic department officials, described an atmosphere of anger, isolation and personal insults that caused the players to quit. The issues came to a head recently during offseason training when players ran more than an hour of "suicide" drills as punishment, several sources said.

"They love Wichita State," one source said. "They don’t want to leave. But they can’t take it anymore."

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There is no timetable as to when this situation will be resolved.