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Update: Wichita State looking into recent transfers

Wichita State is looking into the recent string a transfers, four this off-season. Shockers' President John Bardo has asked a faculty representative to delve further into this situation.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we wrote about four players deciding to leave the Wichita State program. Earlier today, according to KWCH12 in Wichita, Shockers' President John Bardo is looking into the reason why the players are leaving the program. Here is some of the report:

For the first time since he’s been at Wichita State, President John Bardo is asking a faculty athletic representative to look into the transfer of student athletes.

4 women's basketball players announced last week that they would be transferring from WSU, including starters Michaela Dapprich and Alie Decker. The other two players are Moriah Dapprich and Kayla White.

When it was clear the amount of playing time was not the reason for the transfers, Bardo asked Dr. Julie Scherz, an associate professor on campus, to look into the situation for those transfers away from the program. Scherz will talk with head coach Jody Adams and the players involved.

While this not an investigation, clearly, there seems some concern for the President to be looking into this matter.