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Video: Chiney Ogwumike talks about balancing basketball and being a woman

In this video, Connecticut Sun forward Chiney Ogwumike discusses balancing basketball and being a woman.

Conneticut Sun forward, Chiney Ogwumike, offered some acute and insightful thoughts regarding being a woman's basketball player. Here are a couple of quotes from this video with Grit Media:

I’ll see an occasion or instances where the WNBA is mentioned and automatically people are like "Oh no no no." They put a big X like "Oh why watch that stuff?" And I say, "Have you been to a game? Have you experienced a player? Have you met one in person? Do you watch college women’s sports? Do you know grassroots sports? Do you know a young, aspiring hooper or a young, aspiring player?" Just because we may not have the same buzz as the men’s game does not mean our game is less valid.

"You can put on some heels, but then you can also put on some Jordans."