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Coaching search: North Florida is starting over

One job that's not being discussed that much is North Florida. The Ospreys recently fired Mary Tappmeyer -- who was their only coach in program history -- and seemed to be on the verge of making a hire. But, their two finalists pulled their name from contention. Where does North Florida go from here?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

What's going on with the search at North Florida? Some are wondering the same regarding a job that, on the outside, seems to be a pretty good opportunity.

But their two finalists, FSU assistant Lance White and USF assistant Jeff Osterman, have decided to stay at their respective schools, per multiple sources. White visited the Jacksonville campus two weeks ago, but pulled his name from consideration not long afterwards.

That left Osterman, who was the frontrunner for the job. But after getting offered the position, he declined, which leaves the Ospreys in somewhat of a quandary. One would surmise, that now, they are going to focus on their second-tier of candidates.