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Swish Appeal Community 2015 WNBA Mock Draft: Who should the San Antonio Stars pick at #6?

Let's go to the River Walk and see what the Stars will do with pick number 6 in our mock draft.

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MOCK DRAFT UPDATE: With the fifth pick in the 2015 Swish Appeal Community WNBA Mock Draft, the Chicago Sky selected Aleighsa Welch of South Carolina.

The Sky have as strong of a lineup as anyone in the Eastern Conference, and she will help add more depth to their already strong lineup. We have added Vicky McIntyre of Oral Roberts on the board. Now, it's time to see what the San Antonio Stars will do with pick #6. They're on the clock! - Albert


You are Dan Hughes, the General Manager and Head Coach of the San Antonio Stars. Based on how the offseason is going so far, it will be an uphill battle to be in legitimate contention for a title this season. However, the team has made some moves this offseason that do show where its commitment is at that position long-term.

There was a serious overlap at the shooting guard position last season with the likes of Becky Hammon, Kayla McBride, Jia Perkins and Shenise Johnson all warranting minutes. Hammon has retired, but there are still three high-quality players battling for court time at that position.

The masquerade of McBride at the three last season worked for as long as it could but eventually, they paid for it. How did they address this, you ask? Shenise Johnson is now a member of the Indiana Fever. And I think they made the right choice. What will be interesting to see is exactly how the rest of this roster fills out, starting with the upcoming draft. - P.F.

Projected Depth Chart

Assuming the Stars make no further moves and make no cuts, this is what their roster would probably look like:

Starter Backup Backup #2
G Danielle Robinson Davellyn Whyte
G Kayla McBride Brittany Chambers
F Jia Perkins Ashley Paris Toni Young
F Sophia Young-Malcolm Danielle Adams Chelsea Poppens
C Jayne Appel Astou Ndour Kayla Alexander

As mentioned above, not much has changed for the Stars. There’s a gaping hole at small forward in addition to questions of the production from the frontcourt. With that being said, who is going to play behind the starters and how much can they contribute? Ashley Paris is an interesting addition. I’ve felt for a long time that she was a WNBA-caliber player. Toni Young was a player I thought Hughes would draft initially. If you're completely objective, the Stars have more questions than answers at this point. And it’s not even close. - P.F.

Primary Weakness: Bench Depth

The primary weaknesses for the Stars is the bench. The Stars already have a solid starting five with Danielle Adams as a solid sixth woman. But, the Stars will need to add more depth to the bench if they want to compete in a tough and competitive Western Conference. The Stars need to add a backup point guard behind Danielle Robinson as well as a backup shooting guard/small forward behind Kayla McBride and Jia Perkins. - A.S.

Which player could be the best fit for the San Antonio Stars at #6?

With such a high draft pick selection and the first of 2 draft picks for the Stars, they should look for a point guard, small forward or a shooting guard.  The best players for those positions include Brittany Boyd, Samantha Logic, Brittany Hrynko, Amber Orrange. The Stars could also pick the best player still available in the frontcourt: Dearica Hamby comes into mind right away. Any of these players would help boost the bench tremendously and help the Stars immediately. - A.S.

Now it's time to vote!

You have until 12 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, April 2 to get your votes in the poll. After that, we head to the glamorous city of L.A. as the Sparks will be on the clock for pick number 7.