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Spanish League Round 20: Devereaux Peters makes an impact

Devereaux Peters not only helps her team, but posts her perspective on overseas play on YouTube.

Perfumerias played Mann Filter on their home court on Saturday.
Perfumerias played Mann Filter on their home court on Saturday.
Alejandro López Redondo

The big news this week in the Spanish League is that we have some video involving the various players of the Liga Femenina.

The most interesting of these videos is one posted by Devereaux Peters.  Peters graduated from Notre Dame and was recently picked up by Campus Promete in their attempt to climb out of the relegation zone.  (We'll learn more about how well her team did this week.)  The first episode of "Down and Dirty with Devereaux" talks about what pro basketball overseas is really like.  (No dirt on her new team, though.)

The next video is about Chanel Mokango.  If you remember your Atlanta Dream draft history, Mokango was once a first round draft pick by Atlanta.   This is a collection of her better moments during her short time with Campus Promete.

The last one is a video of Chelsea Davis celebrating a team dinner with her Conquero team.


This week, we'll be reviewing the results of eight games instead of seven.  One of the games from next week was played early.  The extra Round 21 game took place on Wednesday because Perfumerias has a Euroleague quarterfinals game against USK Praha on March 6th. 

Perfumerias 89, Gipuzkoa UPV 53

Gipuzkoa UPV (7-13) could feel good about their home game against Perfumerias (18-2).  At least they weren't held in the 20 point range like the previous time they played Perfumerias. 

Other than that, it was the typical game without a history where Perfumerias won every quarter, including winning the last quarter by 16 points for good measure.  Gipuzkoa shot 42 percent, but Perfumerias shot 58 percent, including 9-for-16 from 3-point range.

Miriam Foraste led Gipuzkoa UPV with 14 points.  Lenita Sanford scored 12 points/8 rebounds and Maria Gomez had 11 points/5 rebounds.  Head coach Azu Muguruza gave two 16-year old players a chance to play as well.

Shay Murphy and Angel Robinson got rests, neither playing more than 20 minutes, and no Perfumerias player had more than 30 minutes on the court.  Paola Ferrari led all players with 17 points and shot 5-for-7 from 3-point range and Marta Fernandez had 14 points/5 assists.  Shay Murphy had 10 points and Angel Robinson had 6 points/5 rebounds.  All players on the Perfumerias roster scored.

Gipuzkoa UPV 60, Ferrol 56

After recovering from their loss on Wednesday, Gipuzkoa UPV (8-13) went on the road to Ferrol (7-13) where the managed a four point victory.

Haley Peters for Ferrol vs. Miriam Foraste for Gipuzkoa UPV seemed to be the fight of the third quarter.  This game appears to have been decided by a 20-14 fourth quarter against Ferrol, and all of this despite a 3-for-9 free throw shooting performance by Gipuzkoa UPV.  Arantxa Novo of Gipuzkoa hit a 3-pointer with 18 seconds left to secure with win for the visitors.

Haley Peters was the only player scoring in double figures for Ferrol with 24 points/6 rebounds.  DeNesha Stallworth only played six minutes and only scored five points.

For Gipuzkoa UPV, Oumoul Sarr had 18 points/11 rebounds/5 assists.  Maria Gomez Novo had 8 points/8 rebounds/7 assists.  Lenita Sanford only played 15 minutes, scoring 6 minutes.

Bembibre 74, Gran Canaria 56

Bembibre (11-9) picked up a needed home win against visiting Gran Canaria (6-14).  At the current moment it's looking like 11 wins will be needed to avoid relegation, and Bembibre can rest a bit easier.

It was a pretty tight game in the first half.  Bembibre managed to finish the third quarter with a 3-point lead, and then finished with defense, holding Gran Canaria down to just nine  points in the final ten minutes.  Rita Montenegro had a good fourth quarter, and that was the difference as Gran Canaria went down to their fourth straight loss.

Anna Gomez had 6 points/6 rebounds/9 assists for Bembibre with Berta Chumillas hading 11 points/5 rebounds.  Ariel Edwards had 16 points and Rita Montenegro had 10 points and played a big role in the win.

Vega Gimeno carried Gran Canaria with 23 points.  Samarie Walker had 6 points/10 rebounds and Robyn Parks had 11 points in the loss.

Trivia: The game was played in front of about 700 spectators.

Perfumerias 69, Mann Filter 50

Perfumerias (19-2) plowed ahead by winning its second Liga Femenina game this week, winning handily against visiting Mann Filter (5-15). It was a home game, and Perfumerias got to present its Copa de la Reina trophy to the home fans.

Perfumerias led 43-24 at halftime and led 58-35 at the end of the third quarter.  Mann Filter only shot 30 percent from the field.  Perfumerias coasted its way to the end after the third quarter and no player from the winning squad played more than 24 minutes.

The only player from Perfumerias scoring in double figures was Angel Robinson with 19 points/8 rebounds.  The best performance after that was probably Leonor Rodriguez, who played 14 minutes (!) and scored 6 points/7 rebounds.  Shay Murphy finished with 3 points/5 rebounds.

For Mann Filter, Kristine Vitola had 18 points/10 rebounds and Laura Herrera had 15 points/7 rebounds.  Yvonne Turner had six points in seven minutes of play in the loss.

Al-Qazeres 76, Zamarat 57

Sitting at the very bottom of the league and in danger of end-of-the-season relegation to LF2, Al-Qazares (5-15) were in dire need of a win. They got their win, a big win, at the hands of visiting Zamarat (8-12). This gave Al-Qazeres hope that they can avoid relegation at the end of the season.

After falling behind to the visitors 24-16 at the end of the first quarter, Al-Qazeres hunkered down.  Fatou Dieng had a strong second quarter and they closed the gap to 33-30 by halftime and they poured it on coming out in the second half, beating Zamara 46-24 in the second half.  Zamarat's problem was the 23 turnovers they had in the game, but they were more concerned about the number of personal fouls (22) called against them to just 10 against home team Al-Qazares.

Marta Adeco led Al-Qazeres with 16 points/6 rebounds.  Karla Gilbert also had 16 points in the Al-Qazares victory.  Callan Taylor had 4 points in 19 minutes, and Jennifer George had 1 point/5 rebounds in 21 minutes of play.

For Zamarat, Daria Mieloszynska-Zwolak led all players with 16  points.  Sandra Pirsic had 14 points/10 rebounds and Marina Delgado contributed 12 points to the effort.  However, Delgado hurt her right knee in the game.

Cadi La Seu 69, Rivas Ecopolis 53

Cadi La Seu (13-7) hopes to keep its hold on fourth place in the Liga Femenina, and a good first quarter was all the difference as visiting team Rivas Ecopolis (9-11) got set back in its quest to reach .500.

Rivas fell behind 26-10 in an awful first quarter, and after that it was one step forward, two steps back.  They managed to close the gap between themselves and the home team to 37-25 at halftime, but in the third quarter, Cadi La Seu added another ten points to their lead, leaving the fourth quarter more or less meaningless.  Rivas only shot 29 percent for the game.

Georgina Bahi led all players with 23 points and 6 rebounds for Cadi La Seu.  Ben Hind had 15 points.  Tyrese Tanner only had 0 points/2 rebounds in 12 minutes of play.

For Rivas, Lyndra Weaver led with 12 points/6 rebounds, but her 5-for-17 volume shooting left a lot to be desired.  Aleksandra Vujovic had 12 points, and Lady Comfort scored 4 points/7 rebounds in the loss.

The good news for Rivas - its junior players squad is undefeated.  Seven of those junior players have already seen playing time with Rivas.  The next match between Rivas and Al-Qazeres should be interesting.

According to Lyndra Weaver, it didn't help that the bus to Cadi La Seu was late.

Girona 85, Gernika 60

Girona (17-3) is remaining in the playoff hunt and still has an outside shot at a regular season title.  They proved it by beating visiting 5th place team Gernka (12-8) by a decisive margin.  It was a great debut by Girona's new head coach Roberto Íñiguez, taking over after the resignation of Ramon Jordana.

A decisive second quarter helped Girona boost their lead to 41-22 at halftime.  In the third quarter, Girona added 10 more points to that lead.  Girona's 57 percent to 43 percent lead in field goal percentage was decisive, but the home squad got 28 visits to the free throw line as well.

Vanessa Gidden led Girona with 17 points/6 rebounds.  Brittany Chambers had 15 points and Ify Ibekwe had 12 points for the winning squad.

As for Gernika, Bernice Mosby led all players with 20 points/5 rebounds.  Claudia Pop had 10 points/6 rebounds in the loss, and Britany Miller contributed 6 points/8 rebounds.

Mosby is starting to learn Spanish.

Campus Promete 62, Conquero 54

Late Sunday, it looked like Campus Promete (5-15) was going to be doomed to have last place in the Liga Femenina all by itself.  And how were they going to get past second-place Conquero (16-4)?  But Campus Promete pulled it off, and delivered a stunning 62-54 upset on their home ground.

They beat Conquero 23-10 in the first quarter, after coming right out of the gate leading 9-0. the only thing left to do was to hang on.  Aja Parham and Maria Asurmendi were having difficulty scoring for Conquero, giving Campus Promete hope that they could see it through. 

Conquero slowly began to creep up and close the difference.  They finished the third quarter down just 46-40 and Campus Promete appeared to come undone.  With less than 1:30 on the clock, Campus Promete only led by 55-54.  But Devereaux Peters made a couple of criticial baskets and Conquero wouldn't score again.  Conquero would be held to just 32 percent shooting for the game.

Leslie Knight led Campus Promete with 15 points/8 rebounds and Adrijana Knezevich had 10.  Chanel Mokango had 8 points/8 rebounds and Devereaux Peters finished with 9 points/7 rebounds.

Adaora Elonu led Conquero with 16 points/9 rebounds, and Maria Pina added 13 points in the loss.  Aja Pahram scored 10 points on 5-for-12 shooting and Chelsea Davis had just 4 points in 16 minutes of play.

Round 21 (March 6-8)

*Campus Promete (5-15) @ Gran Canaria (6-14)
Girona (17-3) @ *Conquero (16-4)
*Cadi La Seu (13-7) @ Gernika (12-8)
Al-Qazeres (5-15) @ *Rivas Ecopolis (9-11)
Ferrol (7-13) @ *Zamarat (8-12)
(*Perfumerias 89, Gipuzoa UPV 53 - already played)
*Bembibre (11-9) @ Mann Filter (5-15)

* - Won previous Round 8 matchup