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NCAA Women's Tournament Sweet 16, Day 2 GameThread

The rest of the Elite Eight will be decided today.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Here are the games in the Albany and Spokane regions for your Saturday:

Game Region Time (ET) TV
#1 UConn vs. #5 Texas Albany 12:00 PM ESPN
#3 Louisville vs. #7 Dayton Albany 2:00 PM ESPN
#1 Maryland vs. #4 Duke Spokane 4:30 PM ESPN
#2 Tennesse vs. #11 Gonzaga Spokane 6:30 PM ESPN

If there's a game that I'm most interested in, it's the match between Maryland and Duke. These two teams have been heated rivals for a long time, and I'm sad that they don't play in the same conference anymore. That said, both teams will definitely have no love lost for each other this afternoon.

Enjoy the games everyone.