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NCAA Women's Tournament Round 2, Day 1 GameThread

We'll begin to see the Sweet 16 take shape today.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday, everyone. With the entire first round now in the books, we head to Round 2 as the winners of Friday's games face off against each other. The list:

Game Region Time (ET) TV
#4 Duke vs. #5 Mississippi State Spokane 12:00 PM ESPN3
#3 Iowa vs. #11 Miami (FL) Oklahoma City 12:00 PM ESPN3
#2 Baylor vs. #10 Arkansas Oklahoma City 2:30 PM ESPN3
#2 Kentucky vs. #7 Dayton Albany 2:30 PM ESPN3
#1 South Carolina vs. #8 Syracuse Greensboro 7:00 PM ESPN
#3 Oregon State vs. #11 Gonzaga Spokane 7:00 PM ESPN2
#1 Notre Dame vs. #9 DePaul Oklahoma City 9:00 PM ESPN
#4 California vs. #5 Texas Albany 9:00 PM ESPN2

It will be interesting to see if some teams who narrowly avoided upsets like Duke or Iowa can bounce back or not. I view the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament as a time for the underdogs. So I am rooting for teams like Gonzaga to make it to the Sweet 16 over major conference opponents, generally speaking.

Regardless of who you're rooting for, it's always fun to see how every team makes it into the Sweet 16.