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NCAA Women's Tournament Round 1, Day 2 GameThread

The rest of the first round matches are on today.

Stewart W. Small

There were many good games on Friday during the NCAA women's basketball tournament. If you missed out on what happened, check out our roundup post.

Here are the games that are on the docket for your Saturday:

Game Region Time (ET)
#8 Princeton vs. #9 Green Bay Spokane 11:00 AM
#4 North Carolina vs. #13 Liberty Greensboro 11:00 AM
#7 Chattanooga vs. #10 Pittsburgh Spokane 11:00 AM
#7 FGCU vs. #10 Oklahoma State Greensboro 11:00 AM
#1 Maryland vs. #16 New Mexico State Spokane 1:30 PM
#2 Tennessee vs. #15 Boise State Spokane 1:30 PM
#2 Florida State vs. #15 Alabama State Greensboro 1:30 PM
#5 Ohio State vs. #12 JMU Greensboro 1:30 PM
#3 Louisville vs. #14 BYU Albany 4:00 PM
#6 Texas A&M vs. #11 UALR Greensboro 4:00 PM
#5 Oklahoma vs. #12 Quinnipiac Oklahoma City 4:00 PM
#3 Arizona State vs. #14 Ohio Greensboro 4:00 PM
#4 Stanford vs.#13 Cal State Northridge Oklahoma City 6:30 PM
#6 South Florida vs. #11 LSU Albany 6:30 PM
#8 Rutgers vs. #9 Seton Hall Albany 6:30 PM
#1 UConn vs. #16 St. Francis (Brooklyn) Albany 9:00 PM

Like yesterday, all games can be streamed online through ESPN3. Regional games will be played on ESPN2. Everyone will get to see UConn play St. Francis (Brooklyn) at 9 p.m. ET.

Among today's matches, I am going with the Princeton vs. Green Bay match later this morning as my "Game of the Day." Despite the fact that the Tigers were 30-0, their otherwise weak schedule was why they earned a #8 seed in the Big Dance. As a result, Princeton will play another mid major team that is capable of giving them an early exit back up I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Personally, I'm rooting for them to make the Selection Committee eat crow, where I want to see them actually advance to the Sweet 16. 

Today, we also will see Chattanooga and FGCU play against major conference teams who are "underdog" teams based on seedings. It will be interesting to see how they fare in these matches as well.

That's all I have, and it's time to enjoy more March basketball.