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NCAA Women's Tournament Round 1, Day 1 GameThread

16 Games are on, and here's your chance to watch the action.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Day is finally here. The NCAA Tournament finally starts! Here are the games on the docket:

Game Region Time (ET)
#4 Duke vs. #13 Albany Spokane 12:00 PM
#7 Northwestern vs. #10 Arkansas Oklahoma City 12:00 PM
#7 Dayton vs. #10 Iowa State Albany 12:00 PM
#6 Washington vs. #11 Miami (FL) Oklahoma City 12:00 PM
#2 Baylor vs. #15 Northwestern State Oklahoma City 2:30 PM
#2 Kentucky vs. #15 Tennessee State Albany 2:30 PM
#5 Mississippi State vs. #12 Tulane Spokane 2:30 PM
#3 Iowa vs. #14 American Oklahoma City 2:30 PM
#1 South Carolina vs. #16 Savannah State Greensboro 5:00 PM
#3 Oregon State vs. #14 South Dakota State Spokane 5:00 PM
#5 Texas vs. #12 Western Kentucky Albany 5:00 PM
#8 Minnesota vs. #9 DePaul Oklahoma City 5:00 PM
#1 Notre Dame vs. #16 Montana Oklahoma City 7:30 PM
#6 George Washington vs. #11 Gonzaga Spokane 7:30 PM
#4 California vs. #13 Wichita State Albany 7:30 PM
#8 Syracuse vs. #9 Nebraska Greensboro 7:30 PM

All games are viewable online through ESPN3. In addition, ESPN2 will air regional games if you want to watch them through the television.

Do you see any major upsets on the horizon? I don't know if I see any that really stick out, but there are some games that I am looking forward to watching. For me, the Minnesota vs. DePaul game looks to be the most exciting, but I also am looking forward to seeing the Northwestern vs. Arkansas as well as the GW vs. Gonzaga matchup.

If you're looking for more tidbits on each of the 64 teams in the tournament, check out Queenie's excellent Dance Cards.

So here's your space to talk about the games, and enjoy the madness!