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NCAA Women's Tournament Bracket: Kentucky Wildcats preview

For 'Cats, they're awfully dogged.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Who? The Wildcats of Kentucky.

When will they play? The Wildcats play Tennesse state on Friday, March 20 at 2:30 PM

What? The nickname was given in a chapel service. (Proof that football is serious business even at basketball schools.) The University of Kentucky does not recommend raising your own Scratch.

Where? Lexington, Kentucky, where you can visit Daniel Boone's grave.

Why? They played a lot of good teams and beat a lot of good teams.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Predicted to finish fourth in the conference, they tied for fourth with Texas A&M and LSU, five games behind South Carolina.

RPI: 8

SOS: 2

Record: 23-9 (10-6 SEC)

Good wins: At Louisville, and vs. South Carolina.

Bad losses: That loss to Illinois in St. Thomas is looking a bit shaky now. Losses at Ole Miss and LSU in conference aren't great either.

Who's running this show? Matthew Mitchell, since 2007, who spent time as a defensive coordinator in high school, which might explain a little about Kentucky's style.

Extra, Extra! The Lexington Herald-Leader. You can also hear more from our friends at A Sea of Blue.

There will be turnovers. There will be lots of turnovers. Kentucky forces over 22 turnovers per game from their opponents- but commits a fair amount themselves. When the Wildcats take the floor, there will be chaos.

The backcourt duo of sophomore Makayla Epps and senior Jennifer O'Neill lead the way in scoring, with 14.5 and 14.4 points per game respectively. Sophomore forward Linnae Harper (6.8 rebounds) and senior post Azia Bishop (5.5 rebounds, 1.6 blocks) anchor the Wildcats down low.