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News: Indiana loses two players to transfer

With postseason play getting ready to start, there are a plethora of teams who aren't playing in the postseason that are going to go thru some changes. One of those changes during this time period -- and something inevitable -- is transfers. And that has happened at Indiana as Taylor Agler and Maura Muensterman have decided to transfer. Agler is the daughter of new Los Angeles Sparks coach Brian Agler.

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During this time of the year, there's a lot of turnover that happens when it comes to programs. And that's what has transpired at Indiana as two players have decided to transfer: Taylor Agler and Maura Muensterman.

Muensterman, a 6'0" guard, was ballyhooed for her shooting exploits coming out of high school -- and was a highly touted signing. She only played 14 games for the Hoosiers while averaging just 0.9 points this season.

Agler, a sophomore who is the daughter of Los Angeles Sparks coach Brian Agler, announced her intention to transfer in an Instagram post:

Deciding to leave IU was the hardest decision I have made in my entire life. Bloomington has been a place I've found some of the best friends I'll ever know (the girls in this picture), a place where I've been challenged physically and mentally and a place I've made memories that I'll never forget. I was honored and humbled getting to put on an Indiana jersey the past two years and represent such an amazing university, community, and fan base and I am so thankful for every moment of it. Thank you to anyone and everyone that has made Bloomington and IU feel like home since the first day I stepped on campus. Even though I've decided that finding a new school is what is best, I am definitely leaving with a heavy heart knowing all the really great people im leaving behind. First, I want to thank my teammates for being beside me every step of the way and having my back no matter what the circumstance. You guys are truly the best friends anyone could ask for and I'm one lucky girl to have you in my life. Second, A special thank you to the coaching staff that brought me here and believed in me when no one else in the nation did, as well as the existing coaching staff for working with me and helping me adjust through the year. Finally a big thank you to Hoosier nation for being the greatest fans and basketball community I could ever imagine. This university will be one tough act to follow.

Agler started 34 games her freshman year under then-head coach Curt Miller. But this year under Teri Moren, Agler started 14 games while averaging 3.3 points.