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Washington Mystics sign Armintie Herrington

Herrington last played for the Los Angeles Sparks in 2014, and will provide a defensive boost for Washington.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Mystics announced that they signed Armintie Herrington to a contract. Herrington averaged 3.9 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.9 assists for the Los Angeles Sparks for the 2014 season. She previously played for the Chicago Sky (2007-2009) and the Atlanta Dream (2009-2013).

Herrington's accomplishments include winning the 2007 Rookie of the Year award, and she was also named to the All-WNBA second team in 2012, and the All-Defensive Team in 2013.

What Herrington provides to D.C.

Herrington should provide a defensive boost on the perimeter for the Mystics, who were third in defensive rating. Since this was a strength they had this season, adding Herrington should help keep the Mystics as an above average team on that end of the floor. On offense, Herrington is an efficient scorer, where she made close to 50% of her shots in each season from 2011-2014. That said, she is a poor three point shooter.

And, I didn't forget. As the third overall pick in the 2007 Draft, Herrington's now the highest draft pick from any class on the team.

Final Takeaways

Most will think this is a solid pickup, but that's with the assumption that the Mystics are ready to win now.

I however don't agree. Herrington's not a bad pickup if Ivory Latta and/or Kara Lawson are out of town in the summer at best. But if all three of these veterans stay, this is a major red flag.

Either way, this signing goes against the need for the Mystics to remain one of the youngest teams in the WNBA in 2015. With the roster as is, adding a third veteran guard isn't in Bria Hartley's and Tayler Hill's interest if they are expected to be long term pieces. These two need to grow and play every minute they can. I don't see how Herrington fits in unless Hartley or Hill is expected to take a back seat, with the assumption that Latta and Lawson also remain.

There still are a few months to go, and there are moves left to be made. So it's still technically possible that the Mystics' backcourt will look a bit different by June. But it will be interesting to see what direction the Mystics will actually do this summer as opposed to what I think they should be doing.