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Kaela Hilaire drops girl with FILTHY Steph Curry crossover

One of the most dynamic points guards in the land is 5'5" Kaela Hilaire. She might be somewhat under the radar, but this University of Albany commit knows how to put on a show!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is familiar with Steph Curry a.k.a Chef Curry, as not only is he the NBA's best player according to many, he arguably has the sickest handles in the NBA. Remember what he did to Chris Paul last year?

Well University of Albany commit Kaela Hilaire has some of the flashiest handles in all of high school. Watch what she does to this defender the other day:

stay humble but flow cocky

A video posted by Kaela Hilaire (@swaggytripppy) on

And she's not just a one hit wonder, Hilaire is averaging 32.8 points.