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WNBA Finals were truly a 'love of a lifetime'

The 2015 WNBA Finals series was one for the books. With records broken on both ends, the Minnesota Lynx added another Championship notch to their belt, in this neck and neck battle, where the talent that appeared on both ends was only surpassed by heart.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

This is what it's all about. Even if you are not necessarily a WNBA fan this was a series you didn't want to miss. For the first time since 2009, a fifth game was forced by a resilient Indiana team who fought until the end against a determined Minnesota Lynx team who found their victory and yet another WNBA championship title.

The Fever might have been deemed the "underdogs" in this matchup simply because of their season record heading into this series. Minnesota swept them in the regular season so it would be typical to assume a sweep in the Finals. Wrong. Indiana came out swinging led by fiery Briann January to steal Game 1 in Minneapolis. Lack of execution at the free-throw line haunted the Lynx with the opening loss of the series.

A nightmare of the 2012 Finals woke Minnesota up powering through Game 2. However, the stats of the game were nearly identical with these two teams being so evenly matched; intensity wise. The dynamics and playing styles from these teams were very different but created a healthy competition.

Game 3 was a highlight in itself with Maya Moore's three-point buzzer-beater in the last seconds to take the lead in the series. She went 4-7 at the three-point line in that game alone.

The shooting accuracy from both teams excelled as the series progressed reaching above 50% on both ends. Now, it is unfair to say there were only two stars of the show because every single player took part in the success of both teams. That was the beauty in this matchup; everyone stepped up to the next level.

Veteran and all-star Tamika Catchings led her team physically and mentally throughout this series with persistence as being one of the most experienced players on the court. The Fever overcame elimination three times in this postseason, hungry for each opportunity. To no surprise, Indiana forced a Game 5 pushing back to even the playing field.

The stars became aligned for Minnesota at home for the first time in history where they rightfully shined. As all the links came together, the Lynx shared the ball and played like a true team reflecting in their 19 assists to their 69-52 victory over Indiana.

This series not only crowned the Lynx as champions, but highlights the elite talent within the WNBA as a whole. This could have gone either way. Overcoming injuries, roster changes and everyday adversity Minnesota showed out and finally found their stroke.

With depth in both benches, knowledge and poise from both coaching staffs what boiled down to grinding out this win for Minnesota was simply down to heart and willingness to do what it takes to be a champion.