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WNBA Finals: Game 3 was a classic -- true artistry at its finest

There has been a lot of nonbelievers, cynics and skeptics of the WNBA. We have a question to ask them: Did you watch Game 3 of the Finals between the Minnesota Lynx and the Indiana Fever?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In Game 3 of the WNBA finals the Minnesota Lynx faced off against, and beat the Indiana Fever. With a win of 80-77, a mere three-point difference, the magic of sports was evident. Something as clear cut as a rule book for sports barely makes any impact on a game, fueled by unbridled passion for the game and a desperation to win it all.

The two teams put point after point on the scoreboard, leaving fans on both sides of the court cheering till the last moments of the game. With exceptional grace and power, the women of the Lynx and Fever were encompassing all things athleticism and refusing to give the opposing team a chance to breath in a heated battle of the WNBA giants.

Maya Moore, Minnesota's sparkling diamond, put a measly 12 points up during the first three-quarters, as she was loaded with foul trouble. However, her display of intensity was evident during the fourth quarter, where she added another dozen points to her night's total -- and the game-winning three at the buzzer -- for the Lynx giving her teammates and coaches something to be more than proud of.

Tonight was no different from most games during the regular season for Minnesota, they were looking for for Fowles all night, who has been averaging 21 points a game in the Finals this fall.

bWith a seemingly indestructible offense, the Lynx was determined to operate their defense just as intensely, preventing Indiana from keeping any form head start over them. Using double teams to prevent the Fever's own Tamika Catchings from making any moves on the court Minnesota was in it to win it from the start.

Despite Catchings desperate attempts to score, the Fever's Johnson and January carried the Indiana team throughout the night with 17 and 15 points each. Catchings has had foul trouble during all 3 games of the Finals, which has led to an increase in bench warming for her but tonight she let her moments on the court count when she scored 5 back to back points tying Indiana with Minnesota at 73-73 with less than 3 minutes left in the game.

Palpable intensity soared throughout the arena, giving every fan a sense of overwhelming anxiety and anticipation for their team. The two teams put on a show of divine intervention, proving once again that sometimes David slays Goliath, and sometimes Goliath wins their third championship in five years... Goliath being Minnesota in this fall's final series, with only one game standing between them and victory.

Yesterday's game was great theater, it was truly a beauty to watch. And for all the nonbelievers and naysayers of women's basketball, I have a question to ask you: Did you watch Game 3?