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Dream executives consider ownership stake in Hawks

Atlanta Dream owners Mary Brock and Kelly Loeffler, along with their husbands, are exploring an ownership stake in the NBA's Atlanta Hawks.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Maria Saporta, there are four people in Atlanta exploring an ownership stake in the Atlanta Hawks.  Those four are Kelly Loeffler and Mary Brock, the owners of the Atlanta Dream, and their respective husbands - Jeffrey Sprecher and John Brock.

The link was posted initially at the Atlanta Business Chronicle and reposted on the

It's certainly worth a read.  The two couples are close friends and John Brock had this to say:

"If it made sense from an Atlanta Dream perspective and an Atlanta Hawks standpoint, we would consider it," Brock said. "The fact is that six of the 12 WNBA teams in the country are part of an ownership group with the NBA team. Here we don’t have that."


"All of us could be potentially interested in the Hawks," said Brock, who was in New York City on business. "It probably would be a fairly modest position. We are not involved with any specific group, but we are open to participating with an group. If our participation could better interest the Atlanta Dream and the Atlanta Hawks, we would consider."

The minority owners of the Atlanta Hawks have agreed to relinquish their shares of the Hawks, and 100 percent of the team is now up to sale.  Value of the Hawks has been estimated from between $700 million to $1 billion.