Gail Goestenkors on Kiah Stokes' 2015 WNBA draft potential


"If Geno [Auriemma] can't make somebody score, you are probably not going to be able too, either," Goestenkors said. "But if you have a pick, and you don't need immediate help offensively as much as someone who can give you a defensive spark, then she would be perfect...So, if you have some time to develop her offensively, and understand that it may never come, that it may not [scoring] be a part of her DNA, which is OK, then she will be fine. Every player is different."

From Fever's Goestenkors Likes What She Sees In Stokes, KML by John Altavilla of The Hartford Courant. ESPN analyst and WNBA coach Gail Goestenkors hit upon a major red flag for draft prospects out of the NCAA: players who don't score much in college rarely score at a higher rate in the pros, whether coached by the best of the college ranks or mere mortals.