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Swin Cash talks about her post career plans, hopes to play for at least one more year

The long time WNBA veteran hopes to finish her career on her terms.

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

We have one of our first bits of potential player movement during the 2014-15 WNBA offseason. Swin Cash, a four-time WNBA All-Star who played for the Atlanta Dream and New York Liberty in the 2014 season appears to be on the open market, presumably as a free agent. In an interview with John Altavilla for the Hartford Courant, she stated the following:

In my heart, I know I definitely will play this summer. I don't want my career to end after a summer like the last one. I just want to have some fun, go out on my own terms without any stress over where I can play.

The piece focuses more on Cash's experiences at UConn where she played from 1998-2002, and also her post-career plans. As you might have guessed, Cash is in broadcasting, where she is getting more air time as a host on CBS Sports Network's "We Need to Talk" and as a color analyst during college games.

As for where Cash might end up playing, that's up in the air. As a 35-year old veteran who is at the twilight of her career, it's unlikely that she will play for a team that is clearly rebuilding and needs young talent to play as much as possible, like the Seattle Storm where she played from 2008-2011 or the Washington Mystics who have been moving in a younger direction over the past couple seasons.

But will Cash be willing to play as a reserve on a team that is either championship caliber like the Minnesota Lynx or Phoenix Mercury? Or will she play as a reserve for a team that is looking to take the next step toward being a contender like the Connecticut Sun or the Tulsa Shock? Based on where she went to college, the Sun may seem like a more desirable team, but the Shock's also a team that's high on my radar as a future contender.

Still this is merely speculation, so I wonder where Cash will play during the 2015 season. I'm also dying to see what all WNBA teams do over the next several weeks and months with trades and free agent signings.