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What's the best WNBA game you ever attended in person?

The next SB Nation NBA theme day is coming up, and we want your responses.

Hannah Foslien

The SB Nation NBA network will have its next theme day series on Tuesday, September 9. It will be on this topic:

What's the best game you have attended in person?

Yes, it's fun watching games on LiveAccess or television, but attending a game is a whole different experience. It allows you to feel the energy of the crowd, and if you sit close enough, maybe your favorite player will notice that you are cheering her after every great play she makes.

Unlike most of our fellow sites across the network, we do not cover just one WNBA team. We really want to see what people's favorite experiences are from multiple teams' fanbases throughout the league.

We'll compile some of your responses. So how can you help us?

1. If you have a really detailed thought, write a FanPost. To do so, click here.

2. If you prefer not to write one up, send us an email at

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and sharing some of ours this Tuesday. Thanks!