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Ivory Latta is 30 years old y'all

There are Instagram posts. Then there are Ivory Latta Instagram posts.

Scott Cunningham, NBA

The WNBA has well over 130 players in the league, so it's hard to remember every player's birthday. I was checking up on Twitter and saw that it's Ivory Latta's birthday today:

Today, she is 30. That calls for some celebrations. Here's her Instagram post:

But as one of the more vibrant personalities in the league, Latta's quote in her post however was even better is also something you MUST read:

AJust want to take the time out to thank GOD for letting me see another year and it has been a blessed year at that. Thanks to all my family/friends/fans/haters for all their love and support without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today. God has open so many doors for me sometimes it's overwhelming but I know one thing I will not take the gift he has given me for granted. I know I'm blessed and highly favored and also CUTE. He made me wait 30years for my hair to grow and I forgive you lord. Thanks everyone again I really appreciate it. It's time for GOD to show up and show out for my DIRTY 30. The TurnUp will be real in a week on somebodies island. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart im only getting started #ItsMyBday #ImFeelingTheLove #IStillLookTheSame #IfYouWannaHollaLeaveYour#Below #TheThirstIsReal #30AndSexy #IWasFatBackThen #GODMadeABigChangeWithMyHair #ThankYaJesus #30YearsLater #ThatBabyFroWasCute #StillHaveTheSameSmile #SooBlessed #ManICantBelieveIm30Yall #MyAgeDontMatchMyHeight #ILook15 #LoveMyFriendsAndFamily #LoveMyHatersYallMadIGotHairNah #OhYallGoneBeMadLaterImGetting18inchesNext #ICantWithMyOwnHashTags #SendMeGiftsToMyWorkPlaceLoL #OkImDone #HappyBirthdayToMe

I love her hashtags. And her hair quote. Speaking about those hashtags, here's her profile:


Note the highlighted areas.

I'll say Latta certainly has PWNED the hashtags. And as for #CrossoverQueen, that must have been a response to a post we made after one of her teammates made a notable move, and labeled her a #CrossoverQueen soon after. More on that in the next paragraph.

Happy birthday Ivory! And by the way, here's the play we liked from you the most this past season:



(Yup, on that top GIF, you can see Briann January for a sec thinking, "Oh man! I just got PWNED!")