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Tuesday morning links: Australia responds to Liz Cambage's injury, Pac-12 schedule release, more 2014 WNBA Finals reactions

10 women's basketball links from around the globe.

Lauren Jackson (right) hopes that Liz Cambage can use her injury as motivation for the 2016 Olympics.
Lauren Jackson (right) hopes that Liz Cambage can use her injury as motivation for the 2016 Olympics.
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While rounding up reactions to the Australian center Liz Cambage's injury yesterday, I somehow managed to miss the reactions out of Australia.

So we'll begin today with a set of those reactions and move on to other news from around the women's basketball world.


  • Chris Dutton of the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Lauren Jackson is hoping that Cambage can use her injury as motivation for the 2016 Olympics. "Rio is so far away, but the fire will definitely be there for all of us," Jackson said. "Liz's injury is particularly cruel with the way it happened, the phenomenal amount of preparation she put in, and she was playing well. I'll do everything I can to support her here." Read more >>>
  • Roy Ward of the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 29-year-old Gabe Richards was called up to replace Cambage on the Opals but was saddened to see what happened to Cambage after putting so much work into preparing for the World Championships. "She was ready to have a huge world championships and had been at all the camps - she had forgone the WNBA this year to focus on the Opals and to do that in her prime shows how committed she was. I'm not there to replace Liz - I'll just play whatever role they want me to play." Read more >>>
  • Kristen Alebakis of the Bendigo Advertiser had a great feature with more about Richards, highlighting her surprise at the opportunity to represent her country in the World Championships. "At 29 Gabe may have thought her chances of representing her country at a world championship were gone, but that’s one area we have really focused on with the program. 'We’ve recognised these mature-age players who we believe can contribute to the team and translate their form from the WNBL on to the world stage, and Gabe is a glowing example.'" Read more >>>


  • Tom FitzGerald of the SF Chronicle reports that the highlight of Stanford's schedule is, "... the visit to Maples Pavilion by defending national champion Connecticut on Monday, Nov. 17, at 6 p.m. in a game carried on ESPN2 as part of the network’s 24-hour College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon." Read more >>>
  • Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times broke down the Pac-12 schedule for Washington and Washington State yesterday and highlighted WSU as one of the more intriguing teams to watch in the 2014-15 season: "... the Cougs are one of the more intriguing teams entering the 2014-15 season after reaching numerous benchmarks last year. WSU coach June Daugherty is in her seventh season, leading the Cougs to its first .500 season in conference play in 19 years and first postseason tournament since reaching the NCAA tourney in 1991." Read more >>>
  • Ray Floriani posted a breakdown of the efficiency numbers for the St. John's women at SB Nation's Rumble in the Garden and came to the following conclusion: "Coach Joe Tartamella returns veterans from last year’s 23-12 team. There was no one with a truly outstanding efficiency. The half full approach shows a number of players grouped together which provides balance. Also, one or more of that group can excel on a given night." Read more >>>
  • Georgetown reported on an interesting workshop their team went through led by long-time analyst Debbie Antonelli. She offered some interesting insight about the team's performance last season: "My objective was to share with them the 4 B's of communication that I created to assist them with their responsibilities in the media for their team and the sport," said Antonelli. "I created a workshop from my two decades of experience and deliver it to them in an interactive format. I also go inside their team numbers from last year and showed them if they held each other accountable and worked together each day to get better, they would accomplish more than 11 wins next season." Would love to know what numbers she identified. Read more >>>


  • Eddie Diaz of The Columbia Chronicle looked at the WNBA's rising growth in 2014, including a quote from Alison Moran of SRN Broadcasting predicting rising salaries for players within the next decade. "Moran also said WNBA players will see pay increases for all their hard work as the WNBA continues to establish itself and profits for the league continue to increase. 'For what the WNBA players do, they deserve to make what NBA players do,' Moran said. 'What the [WNBA] is paying now is about as fair as it’s going to get. When the league is celebrating its 25th birthday, you’re going to see better salaries.' Read more >>>
  • Mark Gregory of The Bugle caught up with 2014 WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year Allie Quigley, who shared some insight about what it's like to make that transition from the WNBA to overseas ball after playing in the WNBA Finals. "They want me there as soon as possible and I am trying to buy a few more days. It can be hectic and a little stressful at times and you are a little exhausted when you just finish a season here and then you have to go over and they want just as much out of you there," she said. "But, I think we are used to it and we know this won’t last forever. So, I want to take advantage of it while it is here and take advantage of the moment." Read more >>>
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