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UConn women's basketball team gets recognized at football home opener

Another well-deserved honor. Here are some photos and funny tweets from over the weekend.

Because I couldn't find a picture from the game.
Because I couldn't find a picture from the game.
Frederick Breedon

So, I checked on Twitter and saw that CSN Washington's Ben Standig replied to one of Washington Mystics center Stefanie Dolson's tweets about her doing Stefanie Dolson things:

At the time, I didn't think too much about her tweet. The Washington Mystics' season is over after all.

But Dolson and Mystics teammate Bria Hartley went back to their old stomping grounds at the University of Connecticut last Friday, for the Huskies' home football opener against the Brigham Young Cougars. They lost badly, 35-10. For info on the game itself, read The UConn Blog's recap here, and Vanquish the Foe's recap here.

During a break in the game, the women's basketball team was the lone bright highlight, where they were recognized for their 2013-14 national championship:

Since Dolson and Hartley are no longer on the team due to graduation, it's not surprising that they're wearing different apparel than the rest of the team members who are returning.

When I saw this tweet back last Friday, I just knew that I had to write a post on it. I didn't have time to mainly because of the WNBA Playoffs, and some other things.

Man! I didn't know that UConn was still going to be winning championships 900 years from now!

But there just had to be one of those more "Dolson-esque" pictures, right?


During halftime, the game was really ugly for UConn fans:

or really great for BYU fans:

For the whole game, UConn quarterbacks Casey Cochran and Chandler Whitmer weren't able to do much. But BYU quarterback Taysom Hill (no relation to Tayler) had a field day. He made 28-of-36 passes for 308 yards.

He also scored ALL FIVE OF BYU'S TOUCHDOWNS. Three from passes, and two more on the ground. Highlights are below:

So, one UConn student wrote this, probably in anger of what was transpiring on the field:

Well, as you may recall, Hartley does have some well-documented moves. Both in-game for highlights:


And just to hone her skills.


As you can see, Hartley's lateral and juke moves could be compared against Hill's. And those poor UConn quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.

I know, I know. I've hyped Hartley's moves so much to the point where I'm now getting these kinds of looks every time I say her name and for going "fanboy" on her:


(h/t to Shannon Cotterell for this GIF)

But forget about hopeless folks like me. To be fair, Hartley showed her modesty here:

The student however didn't back down from his frustration:

Even if the Huskies football team lost, it's great to see that the women's basketball team still was recognized again for their 40-0 campaign during their 2013-14 season.