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Washington Mystics guard Bria Hartley shows off her handles in a video

No... it's not "The Crossover." But there are are many crossovers.

Photo courtesy of Stewart W. Small

Washington Mystics guard Bria Hartley has already been known for "The Crossover," which left Indiana Fever guard Maggie Lucas dazed and confused.

The "push" - well, even if she did, Hartley's not strong enough to shove Lucas to the ground, so....


Anyway, here's a choreographed video where Hartley shows off her handles in a drill on the Verizon Center practice court. I can't embed the video, but I can embed the tweet where it came from:

If there's one knock I have on the video, well why is she endorsing a point guard who plays for a city that isn't fond of Washington, D.C.? Keep in mind that Washington, D.C. is home to an NBA team that really, and I mean, REALLY DISLIKES THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!

Okay, okay. That "woe is me" rant was about nothing. But honestly, it is a really good video.

Maybe the video is preparation to do something ... like this in the WNBA Playoffs with regularity when I was going through tweets:

Making plays like that and her own classic move in June with regularity in this increasingly weak, mediocre, and poorly coached* Eastern Conference could very well help the Mystics get to the WNBA Finals. This year.

* weak, mediocre, and poorly coached refers to every team in the East except for the Mystics of course!

UPDATE: Hmmm. Any GIFs?

Of course! Here are a couple highlights:


and this:


ANOTHER UPDATE: We showed a gif of Washington Wizards guard John Wall performing an ankle breaking crossover above. Now here's another crossover where another Wizards guard, Bradley Beal did on Indiana Pacers forward Paul George in Game 6 of their second round playoff series, which made him lose balance. But remember, Hartley made her defender fall. Beal didn't exactly do that.

We may have to have a dribbling competition between Hartley, Wall, and Beal real soon.


And what is up with Indiana teams getting crossed over?