Why the Mystics should be riding the M Train

Photo by Getty Images.

The Washington Mystics are sitting in 2nd place in the WNBA east at 13-15 as of August 4th. They're led by 7th year veteran point guard, Ivory Latta, but should be using second-year center Emma Meesseman more. Meesseman has the second highest points-per-game average in 10.0. Her 2 point percentage average is .519, the highest on the team for any player that has taken 100-or-more attempts. She is also pulling down 6.4 rebounds a game, tied with Kia Vaughn for most on the team.

The Mystics are a mix of young and old, they have seven players with under three years experience and 4 players with and 4 players with over 5 years experience. With the duality of talent rising and declining, the team should find a single source of production. Although Latta is leading the team in points, I think the shift should go to Meesseman.

Her advantage on the inside is a premium in the WNBA, and while she isn't the biggest or broadest presence in the middle, she does have that European mindset of a center. She also has 2.4 assists a game, so even on an off-night of inside shooting, Meesseman could be utilized as a point-center the way that a Marc Gasol as been.

And even though I am loathe to compare NBA and WNBA schemes, please allow this brief respite. Look at the Memphis Grizzlies and the Washington Wizards. Their front court puts in two players who traditionally would not be paired together in the paint. Using a lineup with a big 4 & 5 next to each other shuts down defensively and with Gasol and Marcin Gortat on the center position, they're able to use passing down low in a manner that gets their opponents off of coverage for rebounds, or they bite too early in coverage and allow the ball handler to get an extra pass for a basket.

Coach Mike Thibault should go towards a lineup of Stefanie Dolson-Meesseman-Monique Currie-Bria Hartley-Ivory Latta. It is a decent mix of young and old lineup, decent offense and strong defense. The Mystics are still too young to get far, but the fact that they're second in the East while having the 9th ranked offense is saying something.

If the Styx can get down to a full grit-n-grind style, with Emma leading the charge in a heavy post style offense, giving her the ability to either post up or kick out to one of the faster guards, that scheme will open up more shooting opportunities.