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Fever vs. Mystics Round 1, Game 1 video: Ivory Latta's anklebreaking crossover

Move over Bria Hartley!

The Washington Mystics lost 78-73 to the Indiana Fever, but they still made a really nice highlight play in the process.

Remember this move Bria Hartley did on Fever guard Maggie Lucas early in the season? It earned her the #3 best play of the regular season according to a league video:


Well, Hartley didn't make the crossover this time. Ivory Latta, the veteran starting point guard has now probably made an even better move. Watch Latta cross over Fever guard (and WNBA All-Defensive First Team member) Briann January and then make a jump shot in the video above (from the WNBA's YouTube channel). It happened in the middle of the fourth quarter.

Or you can watch this NSFW GIF below:


And this one:


Was there contact? Yes, a little bit. But it was not a flagrant shove that would have forced January to the ground.

But here is the funny thing about all of this. Perhaps the Fever should get crossed over again in order to win games against the Mystics. They're now 2-0 in games when this happens at their expense!

This sort of thing isn't unprecedented with Indiana pro basketball teams. Bradley Beal crossed over Paul George IN A PLAYOFF GAME TOO!:


Time to have a dribbling competition between Ivory Latta, Bradley Beal, Bria Hartley, and John Wall. This should be something fun to watch.