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Dream vs. Sky video: Epiphanny Prince crosses over Sancho Lyttle twice

Watch the Chicago Sky guard make two crossovers and a successful finish at the rim.

A couple crossovers during this WNBA season involved players falling, and also because of physical contact, whether it was "a push", or a player tripping another. Now, here's an example of a good use of a crossover to create space, even though there was no one falling down in the process.

Early in the fourth quarter of the Chicago Sky's 79-75 win over the Atlanta Dream, Epiphanny Prince made a double crossover. Her first was on Atlanta Dream forward Sancho Lyttle as she went to the left, after using a screen that Sky post Jessica Breland put on Celine Dumerc. The second crossover occurred when Prince went back to the right, evading Lyttle again who recovered after biting on the first. Prince also evaded Dumerc who tried to get back to defending her.

Here's a GIF of the play below:


The Sky did win the game, but it was by a close margin of 79-75, not a solid double digit win like this game appeared to be during the time of this play. James has some postgame notes which you can find here, while Kris Willis has a recap from SB Nation's Peachtree Hoops.