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WNBA Tuesday Game Thread: Four games starting at 7 p.m. ET, featuring new theme songs

Talk about the four games here.

Albert Lee

Here are the games on the docket. All 7 p.m. ET games are on LiveAccess unless I tell you otherwise. All games from 8 p.m. on are on ESPN2 or WatchESPN.

1. Tulsa Shock (6-9) at New York Liberty (5-11), 7 p.m. ET

Watch this on MSG in the NYC area. The Shock travel to the Mecca of basketball having lost two winnable games last weekend. The Libs have won a game last Sunday. Expect a big show from the WNBA's House of Guards.

2. San Antonio Stars (8-8) at Connecticut Sun (8-8), 7 p.m. ET

This game is on WCTX in the Connecticut market. The Stars come off a hard fought victory in D.C. as they face off against another one of the WNBA's youngblood teams.

3. Indiana Fever (6-9) at Atlanta Dream (11-4), 8 p.m. ET

The Fever try to gain playoff positioning in this game and get a solid grasp on the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. ESPN will ooh and aah about the "Shoni Show."

(And by the way Indy, PLEASE WIN!)

4. Chicago Sky (7-8) at Los Angeles Sparks (6-8), 10 p.m. ET

With EDD out due to her Lyme Disease and Courtney Vandersloot now out due to an MCL strain, this will be a tough game for the Sky to win, but it's not like the Sparks have been performing well either.

New WNBA music

ESPN will play some new music tonight, featuring MKTO's "Classic," but with some reworded lyrics. You can read more on the video here at ESPN Front Row. Below is the embed to the original video:

And here is the new version below:

This song, at least in my opinion, is a good choice and the video pays homage to stars of the past. But when they were showing highlights of current stars, I mean...couldn't you show this highlight reel play in it?

Now (in the tone of Seattle's play by play announcer), THAT!!!! IS THEEE CLASSIC!! CLASSIC PLAY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!

Please? Can you add it next time?

Okay, I know I complain too much. Hell, there's a site out there that does lampoon people like me for it. But really, "Classic" was a good song choice, and I did like seeing the video highlights of past stars in the league.

Just to recap, in 2013, this was the theme song of the WNBA. It was criticized badly. Then don't get Nate started with this tune.

After hearing "I Love It" so much, I heard this attempt at a song (though it is definitely satire), but still:

And I feared that this would have been this year's theme song. It scared me off of using Instagram.

The whole twitter exchange can be viewed here.

Still, I'm glad that the W did NOT go the route toward #Selfie. A victory for the people!

While we didn't have to worry about a league playing "#Selfie," some individual teams did. For example, the Washington Redskins NFL team made a parody of it with the cheerleaders:

To be fair, it was a decent 1-to-1 parody. But it gets better.

One WNBA team decided NOT to follow the site manager's advice. And he's a fan of their team! I wonder if it's enough for him to switch allegiances...

Yes Nate.


In short, I like the current song choice the WNBA chose to use with ESPN coverage, so THANK YOU for NOT USING #SELFIE!

Or this song which is best left in the movies:

Where was I? Enough from me. Enjoy the games tonight everyone.