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Mystics vs. Fever Video: Bria Hartley's crossover and layup on Maggie Lucas

Bria Hartley crossed over Maggie Lucas and got an and-one layup. Watch the highlight here.

The Washington Mystics lost last Friday to the Indiana Fever, but this play should bring a smile to fans in the nation's capital.

Mystics rookie guard Bria Hartley made a behind the back crossover on Fever rookie guard Maggie Lucas who fell down. After the crossover, Hartley drove to the rim and an acrobatic layup with 17.7 seconds left while getting fouled by Erlana Larkins. While the crossover certainly was a highlight, the layup was also impressive. After it all, Hartley's layup made the score 61-58 with the Fever leading.

As for Lucas, it took her a few extra seconds to get back up after the crossover. Okay, it was maybe a split second, but wow. The video of the replay is above.

There have been a good number of Twitter reactions, so here are just some of them:

Again, I know the Mystics lost the game which is now a couple days ago. They have a game later Sunday against the New York Liberty.

Yeah, I feel really stupid that I didn't find this video until just now, in a day and age where we always try to find something as soon as it happens. After all, the league released this video last Friday. I guess they released it right after I stopped looking for the video when doing the recap well after the game was over... but I guess it happens to all of us.

Still, it's great to see one of the Mystics' rookies making these kinds of plays in crunch time. And hopefully we'll see more great highlights from Hartley and their other youngsters as the season goes on.