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Interview with San Antonio Stars rookie Kayla McBride: Adjusting to the WNBA

Swish Appeal caught up with rookie Kayla McBride to discuss the adjustment to the WNBA and her career at Notre Dame.

Photo by Ray Floriani.

NEW YORK CITY- Following the San Antonio victory over the Liberty on Thursday we spoke with Kayla McBride.

The Stars' 5-11 rookie and former Notre Dame All-American entered the contest scoring 11.7 points per game, third among WNBA rookies. McBride contributed 14 points in the Stars' victory at Madison Square Garden

Swish Appeal: What was your main adjustment from college to the WNBA?

Kayla McBride: "Parity. In the WNBA you just have so many talented a nd great players. Everyone you face is a very strong player and you must be ready for that challenge.

SA: Discuss your Notre Dame experience.

KM: "Being at Notre Dame allowed m to grow on and off the court. We played a national schedule and a very high level of competition which made you grow as a player. As a student and person Notre Dame also gave the opportunity to grow and mature."

SA: How did playing for coach (Muffet) McGraw prepare you for the WNBA?

KM: "You could score 20 points in a game but if you made mistakes coach McGraw let you hear about it. She constantly worked to improve you as a player and did a great job of mentally preparing myself to make the transition to pro ball."

SA: Has former ND star Skylar Diggins helped you with your transition to the league?

KM: "Skylar has been a friend and mentor to me since my Notre Dame days. We talk or text each day and she has helped prepare me for what to expect in the WNBA and how I can adjust and use my ability as best possible."

SA: As a rookie what would you say your role is at San Antonio?

KM: "To bring energy. Contribute offensively and play tough defense. On offense I feel they are looking to me to hit the open (perimeter) shot."

SA: The ‘Garden jitters' appeared to be missing as you drained a three on San Antonio's first possession ?

KM : "I guess so (laughing). The Garden has a wonderful tradition and history. I was very excited about playing here for the first time in my career. Once the ball went up it was all business."