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Mystics guard Tayler Hill may return as soon as the All-Star Break

The sophomore guard may be back with the team as soon as July according to a quote Mike Thibault gave to the Twin Cities media.

Photo courtesy of Stewart W. Small

According to Tim Leighton of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Washington Mystics General Manager and Head Coach Mike Thibault stated that sophomore guard Tayler Hill could return as soon as the All-Star Break which is in mid-July. Hill gave birth to her son this past Wednesday.

Here is a quote that Thibault gave in regards to how she kept herself in shape during her pregnancy:

[Tayler Hill] was in terrific shape during the pregnancy. She walked 3-1/2 miles a day and dribbled a basketball every day until a few days before the delivery. She will be back quickly. She is in really good shape for delivering a child.

That's good news, considering how she has kept herself in shape during the last several months. I don't know just how quickly someone can come back from a pregnancy, but it is a very good thing to see that she has kept herself in shape:

And here's more from Coach T:

We are really looking forward to having her back. We built this whole thing in Washington with young players. [Hill] is a big part of that process. Even if she only gets in about a third of the games, that is OK. At least she can play with the players we have now, and that will be greatly beneficial for next season.

I don't want to read too much into the last quote, but it is clear that Thibault sees Hill as a long term piece. And he sees her playing alongside the young group that we are seeing right now.