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Stars show up for one quarter, lose to Sparks

The San Antonio Stars played well in the second quarter, but it was all Los Angeles the rest of the game as the Sparks won 83-62

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

I'll have a full weekend look up tomorrow morning, but here's a gist of what went down in today's Stars' loss.

After a disastrous first quarter, the Stars cut Los Angeles' lead to just three points at halftime. The Sparks turned the ball over a lot in the second quarter, which allowed the Stars to pick up lots of points on easy transition baskets. When those dried up in the second half, it was all Los Angeles. San Antonio made a little run at the end of the third quarter to keep the Sparks within striking distance, but were obliterated in the final frame.

There's not a whole lot to say after a game like this -- the Stars played awful for most of the game and the Sparks deserved the win. Usual links are below and then some bullet points to give you the gist of the game.

[Stars Website] [Sparks Website] [Box Score]

  • Candace Parker put up a monster game. 23 points, seven rebounds, six assists and four steals for the reigning MVP went a long way to deciding the outcome of this game.
  • Jia Perkins decided she was tired of me writing nice things about Danielle Robinson and not-so-nice things about her. Perkins scored 17 points on 8-15 shooting in a rare non-volume-scorer outing.
  • Perkins was the only Star to score in double-digits, but San Antonio really didn't shoot THAT poorly. Their 42 percent field goal percentage wasn't the problem -- Los Angeles' 53 percent, on the other hand...yeah.
  • The Stars and Sparks shot 66 and 67 field goals, respectively and despite missing seven more shots than the Sparks, the Stars had the same number of offensive rebounds (six).
  • San Antonio only went to the free throw line twice. Don't worry, they shot 17 3-pointers to balance it out, making a whopping four of them.
  • They played poorly today, but sitting at 2-2 after their first four games isn't so bad considering they've only played one home game.
  • The Stars get back at it against the Tulsa Shock (in San Antonio) at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday.