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Two Richmond Spiders women's basketball coaches feared dead in Friday hot-air balloon crash

Two Richmond Spiders women's basketball coaches are believed to have been among the three people in a hot-air balloon crash in Doswell, Virginia Friday. There was also a third person on the balloon, who has not yet been found.

Doug Pensinger

According to the Washington Post's Laura Vozzella and Amy Brittain, the two Richmond coaches are Associate Head Coach Ginny Doyle, and Director of Basketball Operations Natalie Lewis. Other Richmond women's basketball coaching staff members, including head coach Michael Shaefer were in attendance and were witnesses to the crash. Doyle spent 16 years on the Spiders' coaching staff and was a former standout player for Richmond in her playing days. Lewis was also a Richmond graduate, and was on their swimming team.

The hot-air balloon flights were held during the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival, which is located north of Richmond.

The University of Richmond is not expected to officially announce the news until Monday. As of the time of this post, the University's official and athletics web sites have not announced the news.

We will keep you informed as we learn more on the situation.