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South Carolina has an obvious need to address after Sweet 16 loss to North Carolina

Gamecock Man of SB Nation's Garnet and Black Attack wrote up a review of South Carolina's 2013-14 season, highlighting a rather obvious area of improvement and whether their incoming talent can help address it.

To really get to the next level and compete for a national title, though, Carolina has a specific need to address: Outside shooting. South Carolina 34.7% from beyond the arc is respectable, but elite programs such as Notre Dame and UConn sport significantly higher percentages...It's not clear whether the incoming class will satisfy this need. The Gamecocks bring in two highly rated guards in SG Kaydra Duckett and PG Bianca Cuevas. Neither, though, is known as a sharpshooter, although Cuevas is a legitimate threat and Duckett has the potential to be one. Both have strengths in attacking the basket, with Duckett effective with both her mid-range jumper and finishing moves, and Cuevas known for the floater she uses to finish and her passing ability in the lane.

While the article focused on South Carolina's NCAA Tournament loss to North Carolina, two of their six least efficient games came against North Carolina this season and, unsurprisingly, both were losses. Perhaps even more troubling was that all three of their worst shooting performances came in March, when teams would normally hope to peak: a loss at Tennessee during SEC play and their NCAA Tournament games against Oregon State and North Carolina.

None of that should detract from an otherwise great season, but it suggests that a range of opponents with varying levels of familiarity with the program began to "figure out" the Gamecocks late in the season.

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