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Lisa Leslie on Stefanie Dolson's WNBA potential

Brian Grindrod of SB Nation's The UConn Blog posted an interview with Lisa Leslie today that included her thoughts on a wide range of subjects, including Stefanie Dolson's WNBA potential.

TUCB: Moving onto the professional game, what type of professional career in the WNBA will Stefanie Dolson have?

LL: Dolson can have a good career or not. It all depends on what team she plays with. Teams that can use her size are Connecticut, San Antonio, and Washington because they play half-court sets. It really depends on where she plays.

While Connecticut is obviously unlikely to spend the top pick overall on Dolson, San Antonio has the third pick, and Washington - a spot where many of us assume Dolson will go - has the sixth pick. Connecticut does have the 11th pick as well, but it's extremely unlikely that Dolson falls that far.

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