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Early turnovers hurt Maryland in Final Four loss to Notre Dame

Although rebounding was unquestionably the story of Maryland's 87-61 loss to Notre Dame in the Final Four last night, perhaps the bigger narrative from the tournament as a whole was their turnover problem - last night, the combination of a a surprising rebounding disadvantage and a standard turnover problem conspired to end their season, as described by John Langley of SB Nation's Testudo Times.

...turnovers would rear their ugly head again, aiding the Fighting Irish to another lead of 11-9...As it was in every other game in the tournament, the Terps struggled with turnovers early in the game and it was haunting them as the Irish pounced at every opportunity.

Turnovers might not look like a major problem in the final box score, but the Terrapins turned it over five times in the first seven minutes of the game, which prevented them from ever establishing a rhythm offensively and just compounded their rebounding problem.

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