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Open Thread: Final Four starts at 6:30 p.m. ET on ESPN

Talk about the games here.

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Unlike the men's basketball Final Four yesterday where we saw two upsets, at least based on the seedings of the teams with #7 UConn beating #1 Florida, and #8 Kentucky beating #2 Wisconsin almost at the buzzer, we won't see any matchup like that tonight as two number one seeds remain in the tourney, and no team is below a #4 seed, and it's really hard for a #4 seed to make it to the Final Four given the top-heavy nature of women's college basketball.

But if you believe ESPN's poll on which team people would want to see win the national championship, the answer is crystal clear: Unless you live in New England, you'd rather see anyone win BUT UConn's women's basketball team.

The tournament however isn't about who we want to see win the game, but rather, which team earned the right to be there, so let's get to the schedule and you can watch it all on ESPN.:

Game 1: #4 Maryland (28-6) vs. #1 Notre Dame (36-0) at 6:30 p.m. ET

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This is in essence, the real ACC Championship game. Maryland lost 87-83 to the Irish at home in their only regular season meeting on January 27, and with Natalie Achonwa out, that could make this game an upset alert.

Game 2: #2 Stanford (33-3) vs. #1 Connecticut (38-0), tentative start at 8:30 p.m. ET

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My guess is that this game starts at around 9 p.m. ET in reality, assuming that Maryland vs. Notre Dame doesn't go to OT.

These two teams met very early in the season on November 11 in Connecticut, with Stanford getting run out of Storrs, 76 to 57. But UConn has run everyone out of their gym this season, so that's not necessarily anything to be ashamed of. The Huskies have beaten every team this season by over 10 points, and really, no one has been able to compete against them.

Even though the UConn Huskies have blown out every team they have faced, we have started to see teams put together effective game plans to keep the score close as of late, including the Sweet 16 match against Brigham Young and the Elite Eight match against Texas A&M. They had good plans, but not enough talent so that ultimately did them in. Could Stanford manage to pull this off?

Looking at the ESPN poll, I'd say most would hope so.

So that's all I have. Enjoy the games tonight!