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2013-2014 WNBA Offseason Community FanShots: What is this all about?

A lot of news happens guys. And we're all winners when we help each other out.

Phil Walter

We are experimenting with trying to lay out FanShots that you, the community put up on the cover without hurting the aesthetics of the cover space we have with SB Nation.

So why is this article up? It's a way for us to put your FanShots in one place into an area where we can put a picture up and put it on the cover, and that is on our end as the writers on the site.

Also, in today's world, the news is so instantaneous, so fast that we can't keep up with it sometimes. If you see a news story and you don't see it on the cover, that's when you can help chip in through FanShots.

Here's how to make one:

1. At the FanShots section, which is on the right hand corner of the site and midway down the page, copy and paste the link you want to share.

2. Write a quick blurb about the topic. Do not copy and paste stuff from the article you are linking to.

3. Submit it and it's published.

4. You also need to notify the writers so we can see it right away. You can email Nate, James, Queenie, or myself on the Masthead page. Best that you email all of us at once.

After we receive it, often the FanShot could be on a big story where will write an article, but that takes time. We can attach your FanShot to the new StoryStream we created just for you and then put it on the front page.

We hope this helps give you all another way to contribute to the site. Thanks!