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Temple's Rateska Brown will transfer, expects three others to follow

American Athletic Conference’s Sixth Player of the Year Rateska Brown has been granted her release from Temple and expects three teammates to follow "due to unhappiness with the culture of the program." If all four do transfer, 14 players will have left the program in coach Tonya Cardoza's tenure with the program.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Brien Edwards of The Temple News reported on Tuesday that junior guard Rateska Brown has been granted her release from Temple and expects three other players to follow.

In an exclusive interview with The Temple News last week, Brown - the team's leading returning scorer before this season - said she decided to leave after a meeting with coach Tonya Cardoza on March 17, in which Brown said she was told that she should transfer.

From Fall 2008 until before this past season, 10 expected returnees have left the team. Now, Brown is saying three other players, including sophomore forward Jacquilyn Jackson, will also transfer.

Brown outlined a locker room with inconsistent and uneven treatment by the coaching staff during her three-year tenure with the team.

Brown, the AAC Sixth Player of the Year, has led Temple in three point shooting for the past two seasons.

As outlined later in the piece, the transfers are not simply due to losing records in the past two seasons under Cardoza: seven transferred during the first four seasons of Cardoza's tenure while three more have transferred in the past two. According to Edwards' report, the reasons for all the transfers vary from dismissal to family reasons.

In six seasons under Cardoza, a former UConn assistant, Temple has gone 121-72 (.627) overall but just 28-34 in the past two seasons as a part of the AAC and Atlantic 10.

For more on the story, be sure to read Edwards' full article.