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Rocky Top Talk/Swish Appeal bracket challenge update: Nothing settled yet

The leader probably won't be in first very long.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, our bracket challenge is going to come down to whether Notre Dame is able to win the title, particularly since our current leader picked Tennessee to win it all.


Aurabass remains in first as we head into the Final Four, but with Tennessee falling before the Elite Eight it looks like his days in first are numbered.

Nobody in the top 20 picked Maryland to advance to the championship game. BUT Pendley Graysnail was feeling all bold when he filled out his bracket and went for a Stanford-Notre Dame championship game with Notre Dame winning. The next two participants who picked Notre Dame picked them to beat UConn.

Of course, Notre Dame's chances were unquestionably hurt by the loss of senior Natalie Achonwa, but as balanced as they are it's still hard to count them out entirely after seeing two other teams challenge UConn in the tournament.

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