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How UConn's defense stifled Texas A&M in the Elite Eight

Jim Hu of SB Nation's Good Bull Hunting summarized Texas A&M's final game of the season against UConn in the Elite Eight, highlighting an outstanding defensive effort from the Huskies.

UConn's top D was stellar for most of the game. A&M only shot 35.3% for the game and there were several scoring droughts that just made it hard to stay in striking distance...The variety of defenses was interesting given both coaches pregame pressers where they talked about how they had to just do what they usually do. Geno joked that after that he expected Blair to play 2-3 zone for 40 minutes. Coach Blair did talk about how he intended to try zone vs UConn, but didn't find the right time in the game to try it. In some ways seeing UConn go into a zone on the second or third possession of the game was surprising; in other ways it was what worked for everyone else and showed that Geno is more concerned with what works than playing a specific way.

Even after UConn's Breanna Stewart took a seat after picking up two fouls in the first half, the defense never really wavered with the team's zone simply not allowing TAMU to leverage strengths.

There are a lot of great individual players at UConn, but their ability to completely shut down opposing offenses is a large part of what makes them so hard to beat.

For far more on the game, check out the full recap at Good Bull Hunting. For more on TAMU's entire path through the region, check out our Lincoln region storystream.