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Natasha Cloud Blog: Facing UConn, Huskies fans, and looking forward to the off-season

Natasha Cloud's junior season ended when St. Joseph's fell to UConn by a score of 91-52 in the second round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. Although they lost by a wide margin to the nation's top team, Cloud has nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Photo by Sideline Photos, LLC.

Hello again everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the March Madness action! Many of you probably saw that our game versus UCONN did not go in anyway that we had hoped, and you are also probably thinking wow they must be embarrassed; but I can assure you that we are not!

As athletes you want to play to the highest level of competition, you want to play the best. UCONN is indeed the best team in the country, and we were blessed with an opportunity that many only dream about!

Like I previously stated, these games, these moments are the moments you dream about as a little girl shooting on the court outside of your house! We have nothing but the utmost respect for the Huskies and what they do, and I want to especially give a huge shout out to the Husky fans!

I have never played in an atmosphere more incredible than Gampel and the credit all goes to the fans. I also want to address how humble, and respectful UCONN's fans are: I have never lost a game and got a standing ovation from the crowd! So I thank them for making our experience that much better!

We had an amazing year and I can honestly say that I do not think anyone would have thought that we would have been as successful as we were! We sealed our fate as Big 5 champions, had a tough non-conference schedule which we did well in, our conference game play did not go as well as planned, but, hey, every team has their ups and downs, and both of our tournament runs were unforgettable.

We not only have a special team, but also, a special program here at Saint Joseph's! We strive to be that mid major school that people are nervous to play. We strive to be that gritty, relentless, and tough-minded team that plays with nothing but heart and pride in not only who we are and what we do, but also what we represent.

We represent not only our families and those we care most about, but we represent our community, our University, and our city. If you ever wondered why we do not have our last names on our jerseys, it is because we are not separate individuals. We stand together as one for the name on the front of our jerseys.

Now here we are, back on beautiful Hawk Hill! Coach has given us a much needed two week break before our post season begins. As a team, we use this time to wisely rest our bodies, take a break from the game both mentally and emotionally, and to catch up on our academics.

So far it has been great to just wake up and go to class, but the boredom starts to kick in when you're not constantly on the move and do not have practice or lifting to go to! Post season is right around the corner and I could not be more excited for what is to come!

In the last 3-4 years, we have begun to build a legacy here at Saint Joseph's, and for my senior year I want to do nothing more but to continue it. This off-season is going to be one of the best; I feel it. We have a great group of girls returning and an amazing freshmen class coming in that is going to have a big impact on this program.

Again, I want to thank everyone on behalf of our entire team that has supported us along our journey! I want to personally thank Swish Appeal, and especially my main man Mike for giving me this incredible opportunity to share what I love.

I hope that through my writings you get a feel for how special this program, and University really is. If you take anything away from these blogs I pray that it is that I love my school and that this team is nothing but a reflection of it and all it has to offer. Always remember that THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!

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