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Links: Washington Mystics Draft Day and Trade Reactions

Because we had to put up Hartley's and Dolson's picture holding up a Mystics jersey.

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Here are some links and tweets around the web in regards to the drafting of Stefanie Dolson, and the acquisition of Bria Hartley and Tianna Hawkins.

Web Links From Monumental Sports and the D.C. area media

Ted's TakeWizards & Mystics Today on DolsonWizards & Mystics Today on Hartley/HawkinsThibault's breakdown of the day on Monumental NetworkDC Sports Bog of the Washington PostWashington Post ArticleCSN Washington

The best quotes from the D.C. area come from Ted Leonsis. His first blog entry on Tuesday, April 15 was about the Mystics' draft night and the link to Ted's Take is above.

First, his remarks on Dolson:

The Mystics drafted Stefanie Dolson from the University of Connecticut sixth overall in last night’s WNBA draft. Dolson is a proven winner who has won consecutive national championships and was named the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Defensive Player of the Year.

And here's what Leonsis had to say on the Hartley/Hawkins acquisition:

We all appreciate what Crystal Langhorne did for our organization on and off the court, and we wish her the best. But we had an opportunity to obtain two young players [Bria Hartley and Tianna Hawkins] who will help us now as well as in the future.

Definitely agree.

Web Links From the Seattle Storm and the Seattle area media

Team Press ReleaseAnother recap from the teamSeattle

Best quote from the Seattle media comes from the Seattle Times piece linked above, when Jayda Evans basically called out Seattle Storm Head Coach and General Manager Brian Agler for something we have accused him of doing. Is he just trying to win more games now at the expense for the future with the Crystal Langhorne acquisition? Here's his response:

That’s not the case. If you look at our (veterans), those are players we really respect and they want to have a chance to have success now, too. There’s a lot of things to take into consideration but you’ve always got to keep an eye on three and four years down the road, too.


Web Links from UConn, Hartford and New Haven, CT media markets

UConn ReleaseNew Haven RegisterThe UConn BlogHartford Courant BlogsUConn Daily CampusDanbury News Times

So I got another quote for you all. The Hartford Courant link, which is a piece by John Altavilla had the best one. It comes from Mystics GM & Head Coach Mike Thibault in regards to why he got both of the UConn alumnae who were available in this draft:

They know how to win. They expect to win. They practice every day to win. That is the mentality that has been instilled with them at UConn. And I would think the styles Geno and I use are somewhat close. They [UConn players] may learn some plays differently [in the WNBA}, but in terms of our expectations, our practices, the things we do, it’s very similar. In terms of myself, I know what I am getting [with UConn players]. They win. They are well-coached, well-prepared for this level.

Can't say it any better as to why UConn alumnae make great fits to any roster in this league.

National Media

WNBA.comESPN video interview with HartleyESPN video interview with Dolson who does the "Washington Wiggle" danceESPN video interview with the Mystics rookie duoOverall draft recap by the AP's Doug FeinbergSlam Online

Tweets & Instagrams from Mystics players, coaches, and other figures

Tweets from Storm players, coaches, and other figures

More Top Tweets

A lot of good tweets, so here are just some of them. And while I believe that the Hartley and Hawkins acquisition was a great move for the Mystics, some tweeters don't necessarily agree. Let's just get to them.

And yes, Hartley was with the Storm for a little bit so here's one while she was with their organization:

These can't possibly be all the links and/or good tweets and/or Instagrams out there. But yesterday was definitely a step in the right direction for the Mystics and glad to see there were a lot of pixels to show for it.