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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 3, Pick 10: Chicago Sky select Jamierra Faulkner

With the 34th pick in the 2014 WNBA Draft, the Chicago Sky selected point guard Jamierra Faulkner.

Well past self-plagiarism time so, copy and...

Jameirra Faulkner, Southern Mississippi: Faulkner is yet another high-usage smallish point guard in this year's draft. The difference for Faulkner: she also leads the nation in assists and has a very strong pure point rating for a point guard prospect. With that combination of usage and distributing efficiency, Faulkner looks like a fairly strong prospect on the surface.

The challenge, in addition to size, might be shooting: as a career-high 35.8% 3-point shooter this season and a 29.8% career 3-point shooter, Faulkner is a good but not great shooter. For most smaller guards around the WNBA, that arc is ultimately their saving grace - 5-foot-4 Utah grad Leilani Mitchell is one such example. And when you add Faulkner's marginal MVP rating, her chances seem to dwindle a bit.

But if Faulkner can continue to improve her range, she'll have a chance at becoming a contributor. Unfortunately for Southern Mississippi, they could be on the outside of the NCAA Tournament looking in after falling in the Conference USA tournament - that extra exposure might have given a player like Faulkner a boost.