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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 3, Pick 8: Washington Mystics select N.C. State's Kody Burke

With the 32nd pick in the draft, the Washington Mystics selected Kody Burke.

And she could be yet another late steal for this team.

Wows: I'm not sure there's much Burke can't do and she did it at every moment with such gusto that she actually managed to catch my eye while watching N.C. State for Markeisha Gatling. Her biggest WNBA asset is probably her ability to shoot the three, which she made at a 32.8% clip...better than some stretch four types drafted ahead of her.

Wonders: With Crystal Langhorne traded, how much of a chance does Burke have to make it now?

Worries: Despite all of the above, Burke was not particularly efficient as a scorer and that's always a concern, even if she did spend significant time away from the paint.

For a bit more on what Burke might offer the Mystics, check out our analysis of her role in N.C. State's success in a mid-season analysis.