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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 3, Pick 7: Seattle Storm selected Mikaela Ruef

With the 31st pick in the WNBA Draft, the Seattle Storm selected Stanford's Mikaela Ruef.

Wows: First, let me just say that I'm really happy Ruef was picked. She's a really high IQ player who was a big part of what Stanford beat North Carolina to get to the Final Four. That game was probably a good display of her potential as a pro: she reads defenses well, passes well, and can hold her own defensively.

Wonders: Can she keep hitting threes like she did in the Elite Eight? Because if so, she'd make a great stretch four.

Worries: Really the big thing with her is athleticism: she wasn't known for her quickness and that showed up in a somewhat low offensive rebounding percentage. But if Ruef was going to work with any team, it would probably be the Storm.