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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 3, Pick 4: San Antonio Stars select Missouri's Bri Kulas

With the 28th pick in the 2014 draft, the San Antonio Stars selected Missouri's Bri Kulas.

Wows: The biggest strength for the 6-foot-1 Kulas is that she shot 40% from the three point line and really has little problem in creating her shot whether off the dribble or off spot ups. She has the length and quickness to be a serviceable perimeter defender as well, making her a potentially solid "three and D" type player in San Antonio.

Wonders: How much of a chance does she have to make this roster? The reason people wanted the Stars to select Alyssa Thomas was a hole at small forward - can Kulas fill that hole?

Worries: Kulas is only marginally efficient scorer as a wing, despite the three point ability and not so dominant a rebounder that she'll be able to get by on that. That really puts a lot of pressure on her to earn her minutes on the defensive end and beyond the arc.