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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 3, Pick 1: Connecticut Sun select DeNesha Stallworth

With the first pick of the third and final round, the Connecticut Sun selected Kentucky's DeNesha Stallworth.

We're also to the point where it's appropriate to plagiarize myself. From a pre-tournament post on Stallworth:

Stallworth's stats essentially put her right on the edge of being a pretty solid WNBA prospect: she's not an extremely efficient scorer, but not so inefficient that she's an non-prospect and her three point range might help her; she's not an outstanding rebounder (9% offensive rebounding percentage), but not so poor that it can be considered a weakness; she's not a great free throw shooter, but gets to the free throw line often enough that it shows an ability to play strong around the basket (in one of the best defensive conferences in the nation).

The major weakness is his her rather low pure point rating (-6.29), but even that moreso reflects the fact that she picks up assists so infrequently rather than a major turnover problem. What will be most interesting is to see who shows interest in her on draft day and how they work with her to refine her game for WNBA competition.

Not really mentioned there, is that she's obviously developed an increasing comfort with shooting the ball from long distance since leaving Cal after her freshman year and with the team the Sun have assembled, that could be an asset for her.